Graphics: Motion/Static & CSS Effects


404 Page: Pseudo 3D Text

Overview: Using the the latest CSS3 techniques predominately “-web-kit”, I have hand-coded a special error code “404” page which is fully responsive and follows device orientation.
The normal purpose of the “404” page is to not lose visitors or traffic to a website's web when a page does not exist.

Direct link to 404 page:
Feel free to go to page on my site that does not exist.

  • Resources used:
  • Tools used:
  • Chrome inspect: hsl/a colour codes
  • Coda 2 (Mac)
404 Pseudo-3D CSS3 text
-404 Pseudo-3D CSS3 text

Animation: PGA CityGolf


Job title: Web/Flash/Graphics Designer

Duration: June 2006 - February 2011

Overview: Member of web development team:
Designed/built - Also maintained it everyday by populating it with new Flash banners/image logos.
Liaised with clients to provide artwork in the desired format for Flash. Chased approvals for print publications.

  • Web Specialties:
  • Dreamweaver: HTML4, XHTML, CSS2
  • Flash 9, ActionScript 2.0
  • Image optimisation
  • Graphic Specialties:
  • Adobe CS3 Suite: Flash, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator
Designed/Built/Maintained these sites: - HTML/Flash/CSS - HTML/Flash/CSS - HTML/Flash/CSS - HTML/Flash/CSS - Full Flash Site - Flash Golf Club Finder - AS2.0/CSS/XML - Ecommerce/Shop - Dynamic Video Site/Joomla 1.5

Info: These animations were originally made in Flash. I exported them from Flash CS6 as an optimised Sprite image involving JSON Arrays (Javascript), then animated them using jsMovieclip to allow them to work cross-devices as flash is not supported on iOS and Android.
PGAe Prestige - Gold version
PGAe Prestige - Blue official version
Base - One of many flash banners created.